DFW Summer Menu

Our Approach

It’s simple, we start with fresh hand picked meats and vegetables and then cook them to perfection. Our Tasty Brisket, Pulled Pork and Chicken are slow oven cooked to mouth watering awesomeness and then chopped for our Sandwiches, topped on one of our big baked potatoes or on our signature Briscos. We pick the freshest & sweetest corn for our street corn and custom mix up our special sauces. We choose the fresh non GMO products so you’ll be fully satisfied, if you can eat it all. If we won’t put it in our bodies, we won’t put it in yours. One taste and you’ll want more of our Tasty Cuisine!

Next Step Is Yours

Give the Rooster a call to book for your next event and we will help you Rock It! We bring the coop to you!

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